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Somatic Integration
Group Intensive

Somatic integration is about deeply attuning to what your soma (from the Greek, 'whole body') is carrying and longing to release, in order to move through felt senses of 'stuckness,' sadness, fear, discomfort in your own skin, and beyond.  This is a path of healing from the ground up, differently than other paths which often work from the top, or conscious mind, down.

Small group work amplifies your healing potential.  Somatically attuning in a collective, rather than individually, allows for bearing witness - a moving and integrating experience.

November 7-8, 2020

Saturday and Sunday

Two full days of immersive healing  

Small group - maximum 6 participants

$1,300 includes full program and materials

Light snacks and beverages available during program

Travel and lodging recommendations available

Contact me to register for this special intensive.

From the Ground Up

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