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Resolve TM
Intensive Workshop

Feeling stuck or lost.  Struggling to break free from self-defeating patterns.  Old memories bleeding into today.  Uncertainty about the direction of life or relationships.  These are all symptoms of unresolved experiences and hurts.  You have survived - but you deserve to thrive.

Resolve is about uncovering the roots of whatever is keeping you from living an actualized life.  Often we aren't even fully aware of what we have actually walked through.  In Resolve we look at your life with eyes wide open, to understand where you come from and what has impacted the way you live today.  We focus on what happened before you became an adult, the most crucial periods of development and attachment templating.  It's not about blame, it's about looking at things the way they really were, and really are - the risk of not doing so, is that you may continue to carry the burden of feelings and experiences that don't actually belong to you.

Part 1: Understanding Core Issues and Trauma (anything less than nurturing..the vastness of this umbrella may surprise you).

Part 2: Debriefing through the timeline of your childhood and adolescence, connecting dots between feelings and experiences from back then, with feelings and experiences in your present life.

Part 3: Experiential Processing.  Using a variety of modalities we hone in on the most significant people, places, and things that impacted you.  We give permission for feelings, words, and expression that may not have been available to you in the past.  Our goal is to bring reality, relief...resolve.

You will walk away from this experience changed.

Facilitated by Elizabeth Ogren, a Certified PIT (Post Induction Therapist). Based in the pioneering works of Pia Mellody, with who Elizabeth has been fortunate to train and co-facilitate.

***Due to the brief duration of this intensive, and the breadth of the therapeutic process, the Resolve intensive is designed for individuals already in the care of a local individual therapist, for the most optimal continuity of care and ongoing healing support. If support is needed in finding a local therapist prior to the intensive, just ask.

Available individually & in-person in Phoenix, AZ only at this time:

Two days, 9am-4pm each day: $3,200.00​

Please complete a contact form, or call or email to get in touch:

Image by Sammie Chaffin
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