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Experiential healing

Powerful complements to psychotherapy.  These modalities can be incorporated with other modalities, or used as a stand-alone treatment approach.  Available individually and in groups.  Yoga is available online and in-person, Breathwork and Auricular Acupuncture are only available in-person. 


Experiential healing modalities are powerful complements to psychotherapy.

Breath is life-force energy.  Breath is a part of us that is experienced in the physical body, emotional body, and mind.  It is a powerful tool to cultivate both internal and external shift.  Using principles of yoga's pranayama breathwork, holotropic and integrative breathwork, as well as modalities including music therapy, sound healing, somatic movements, and art therapy, breathwork sessions provide true insight into self and powerful sensations of change.  Therapeutic breathwork can be incorporated into other forms of healing work, or used on its own in a group or individual session.


"Yoga is a pathway that begins in the outer layers of the body and mind and navigates inward to the mystical, subtle, and rarely seen interior. We combine meditative practice with the power and grace of asana training. In a process that requires sensitivity and inner listening, we explore the sheaths of connective tissue, muscle, and bone in order to bring about greater wakefulness, luminosity, and space within."         

-Tias and Surya Little, Prajna Yoga


​Using yoga as a tool for somatic attunement leads to personal transformation that ripples into all areas of healing work.  Therapeutic yoga can be incorporated into other forms of healing work, or used on its own in a group or individual session.

Auricular Acupuncture

Auricular Acupuncture, or Acudetox, is a nonverbal healing approach.  It involves the gentle placement of up to five small acupuncture needles or beads onto specific sites on each ear.  After sitting quietly for 30-45 minutes, the treatment evokes a new kind of settling.  Because of its simplicity, non-fussiness, and minimal need for talk, Acudetox is widely used in cross-cultural or verbal communication-limited settings, disaster relief settings, treatment centers, and any location that a group of people can sit together.  It is an excellent treatment to complement other addiction trauma therapist.  


Acudetox is particularly useful for people who have experienced things they aren't ready to talk about yet.  It can be incorporated into other forms of healing, or used as a stand-alone treatment.

Benefits of Acudetox:

  • Reduced cravings for alcohol and drugs, including nicotine

  • Minimized withdrawal symptoms

  • Increased calmness, better sleep, and less agitation

  • Relief from stress and emotional trauma

  • An easier connection with counseling

  • A discovery of inner quiet and strength

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