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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a minority, am I safe here?

I welcome diversity in all forms.  The intersectionality of therapeutic struggles and minority experiences is so important to honor and tend to with great care.  In this country, at this time, openness about the minority experience is necessary for survival.  If you're managing multiple minority identities, the necessity is only amplified.  Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and People of Color; Trans Women of Color; Racial Minorities; Ethnic and Religious Minorities; Immigration Status Minorities; LGBTQIA+ folx; Womxn; and more can find a healing home here.  I will support you and be in deep listening with you.  You belong.




We can't heal without safety - privacy and confidentiality are the foundation of a safe container for healing work.  All communications from me will be HIPAA compliant, and I am not at liberty to disclose my working with you without your written permission (except when required to by law, if you or someone in your life is in imminent present danger).  I have specialized in working with high profile individuals who are visible in the public eye, in entertainment, sports, or business. I understand what it's like to need to separate your public and private life.  We may create your treatment plan according to your specialized needs, from scheduling to location.  My deepest priority is that you receive the care that you need and healing you deserve, and I will always support you ethically, even if that means suggesting other practitioners or sources who may meet your needs.

I need to ensure privacy and confidentiality, how can I trust you?

I'm struggling with something but I'm not sure I'm ready to face it yet.

Shame is that insidious feeling that there's something so bad and wrong about me, that if you knew, you would not want to know me.  It's rooted in trauma, hurt, pain.  Sometimes our shame is masked by problematic ways of being in the world or compulsive self-medicating...which we may be afraid to face, because it seems too intense to face what's underneath.  No matter the story you have, no matter the behavior or addiction, you can heal.  Beginning with a session or two to assess and identify what you're struggling with may be the right next step even if you're unsure where you want to go from there, I can provide recommendations and choices.  This healing practice is judgment free, and even if it feels like you must be the only person on the planet with a particular are not alone.

Do you take insurance?

This practice is fee for service, and insurance is not billed. Fee is due at the time of service, and a credit card will be kept on file so payment doesn't take up your precious session time.  You may request a receipt to submit to your insurance carrier yourself, if they cover services.  Often PPO plans will provide some out-of-network reimbursement for psychotherapy.  There are benefits to your therapist not billing your insurance carrier on your behalf - flexibility in modalities and healing practices (in-network insurance coverage only applies to specific work), strict confidentiality (in-network insurance coverage requires sharing of session data to justify coverage), no limits on duration or frequency of sessions (in-network coverage has limits).  If you choose to seek insurance reimbursement, be advised that insurance requires a mental health diagnosis be documented.

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

I do have a limited number of sliding scale opportunities available.  Generally though I offer pro bono publico work - "for the public good."  Those who contribute the full fee for service are also giving back, enabling pro bono work for those who would otherwise be unable to access this type of care.  Group sessions may be more affordable than individual sessions - group opportunities for psychotherapy, intensive healing workshops, therapeutic yoga, and breathwork are listed on my website.

When we schedule sessions, you are reserving both your and my time.  If you need to cancel for any reason, please provide 24 hours notice by phone in order to avoid being billed for the session fee.  This allows me to open the time for someone else who needs services.  For intensive workshops, therapeutic disclosure processes, and other longer programming, cancellation policies will be outlined at the scheduling/creation of the program.  No-shows will automatically be billed for the entire session fee.

What is your cancellation policy?


How may I reach you?

Phone is the best confidential way to reach me.  You may leave a confidential voicemail if I am unavailable.  Email is a convenient way to communicate, but please note it is not HIPAA compliant and I cannot guarantee confidentiality.  I will not communicate therapeutically via email, instead reserving it for more logistical information.  In the event of a psychiatric or health emergency always call your nearest psychiatric emergency line or 911.  I may also have availability to offer a short notice crisis session upon request.

Contact Me

Office: 4539 N 22nd St #200

Phoenix, AZ 85016

By Mail: 3104 E Camelback Rd #2251
Phoenix, AZ 85016

323-509-HEAL (4325)

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