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Intensive Healing Workshops: Service

Intensive Healing Workshops

  • The Resolve Healing Intensive

    • Uncovering the roots or origin of whatever is keeping you from living your best life. Based in the work of Pia Mellody, examining early life experiences' impact on today, and breaking free with resolve to move forward in integration.​

  • Custom Intensive Healing Workshops

    • Individual and family intensives enable growth and healing that otherwise may take one or two years in traditional weekly psychotherapy.  For a customized number of hours or days, incorporating a variety of healing modalities, intensives provide a sustained therapeutic container where you may explore facets of your story and your resilience like never before.

    • Focus areas may include:

      • Addiction: from early recovery, to relapse prevention and management, to long-term sobriety fulfillment

      • Attachment: codependence, love addiction, and love avoidance

      • Betrayal bonds: healing the wounds of traumatic bonds and exploitive attachments

      • Betrayed partners: healing the wounds of sexual and relational betrayal

      • Family dynamics: navigating difficult experiences in your family

      • Gender identity and sexual orientation empowerment, for the LGBTQ+ community

      • Grief and loss

      • Minority stress: validating experiences, allowing emotional release, and building resilience

      • Self-esteem, self-worth, and personal resilience

      • Sexual addiction and sexual anorexia

      • Trauma resolution: family of origin, childhood, and adult

Developed exclusively for you and your needs, intensives are highly interactive and include somatic experiential and psychodrama practices, addiction and problematic behavior recovery, cognitive behavioral methods, and more.  Incorporating the work of Tian Dayton, Peter Levine, Patrick Carnes, Claudia Black, Bessel van der Kolk, and beyond.

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Intensive Healing Workshops: Contact


"The healing from intimate treason workshop transformed my life. I arrived believing that living in an abusive relationship for over 35 years was all my fault. I had never shared this belief with anyone, for I knew all too well that there would be consequences for sharing the horrific details my life. That was true until I attended Elizabeth’s workshop.


Elizabeth’s spirit, energy, knowledge, self-awareness and compassion are some of her many gifts which guided me towards feeling for the first time in my life that I was in a safe place. A place where I wouldn’t be judged, ridiculed or punished for speaking my truth. Her workshop offered a safe space to grow, I was gently guided to grow and experience a new truth about my life.


I left her workshop with new tools, new beliefs and the courage to safely begin my journey towards reclaiming my reality, reclaiming my body, reclaiming my voice and reclaiming the life which I deserved to live. Yes, Elizabeth’s workshop transformed my life."

-Intensive Workshop Client, Anonymous

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