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Writing & Program Development

I have extensive writing experience, from a journalism and marketing background, to a more current academic lens.  I am available to author and collaborate on articles, papers, and blogs.


Curriculum writing and program development is also a specialty:  

  • Create and design intensive workshops including Coming Home, for the LGBTQ+ community, featured at Meadows Behavioral Health's Rio Retreat Center in Arizona.

  • I redesigned The Betrayal Bond intensive workshop with author of The Betrayal Bond, Dr. Patrick Carnes, featured at Rio Retreat Center.

  • I was the architect of the Family Therapy Program at The Council on Recovery in Texas, including co-creating the Family Experience intensive workshop, featured at Austin Recovery and The Last Resort in Texas.

Please contact me to discuss your writing and programming needs, to see how we might collaborate.  And take a look at blogs below, on everything from LGBTQ+ therapy needs, to betrayal trauma, to being a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist.

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